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Last updated: July 28, 2015

This page is available for amateur radio operators to place ads in order to buy, sell, or trade 
various ham radio related equipment on a non-commercial basis.
1. Do not submit your ad in caps, or bold font. 
2. Name, call sign, and contact information are required.
3. Ads are posted for 2 months, and can be extended by notifying me before the expiry date.
4. Direct any queries about items to the advertiser.
5. Advertiser is responsible for accuracy of item description.
6. Ads are posted at the webmaster's discretion, and will be edited for clarity if necessary.
Email your ads to >  hamshack@va5cw.net



Yaesu FT-897D all mode mobile TX (HF, VHF, UHF)
100 watts on HF
Original box; original manual.
$700 + mailing  (On Hold)

Kenwood TR-7730
2 meter mobile transceiver
$50 + mailing

FTDX 100 Classic HF radio with manual
Solidstate receive
Tube transmit
Weighs about 35 lbs
$50 + shipping (On Hold)

Cobra 40 ch CB radio $20 + mailing

BK Precision adjustable power supply
0-16 volts, coarse and fine adjustment
High range: 0 to 10 amps
Low range: 0 to 2 amps
Original manual.
$80 + mailing

Norcal QRP power/SWR meter
$20 + mailing

Solar panel amp meter (Norstrom)
In nice aluminium case $5 + mailing

Mercury model 1100A tube tester with tube chart booklet
Case is 8" x 9" x 3"  $35 + mailing

Kenwood model LF-30A low pass filter
Max 1KW PEP  $20 + mailing

Nye VIKING low pass filter
50 Ohm bidirectional, constant K filter.
Up to 65 db's of attentuation of all harmonics at, and above 57 MHz
$10 + mailing

Shur 600 ohm desk mic.  8 pin  (Works with my Yaesu 950) $20 + shipping
Shur 600 ohm desk mic.  4 pin  $20 + shipping

Fanfare 300 SSB with instruction manual
Solid state 23 ch CB/10 meter transceiver
Crystal controlled AM-Single Side band
This has been converted for 10 meters HF
Still has a few CB channels in it. Converted freq are marked in the manual.
Mfg in Japan for Fanon Electronics of Canada
$50 + shipping

Owner is relocating and needs to downsize.
List will be updated as required.

For more information... contact
Bill - VA5CW
Email: va5cw@rac.ca


Kenwood TS-480HX 200 watt HF/6m
Noise reduction; TX/RX equalizor; AF filters
Speaker; Backlit keys; Scan
Base/Mobile; Remote head
Excellent condition
Relocating, and need to downsize
Asking $1000 + shipping, or can pick up in Bassano, AB.

Home Brew 20 meter monobander - short boom
 - Still on tower. Will be coming down in August
Located in Bassano, Alberta
$100 + shipping if required

Cushcraft A3S 3el tribander (10, 15, 20m)
Stored in garage. Also located in Bassano, AB
$100 + shipping if required

3 Rack mount or desk mount tuners (located in Regina, SK)
- 3 Kw capacity
- roller conductor w/counter
- variable air capacitors
- powder coated enclosure
- by pass switch
$80 + shipping

2 - Motorola Rack mount linear power supplies
12V - 30 amp continuous
$65 each + shipping, or pick up in Bassano, AB

For more information... contact
Earl - VA6RF
Email: va6rf@telus.net


Heathkit HF Receiver HR-1680 - $20.00 + shipping
Heathkit HF Transmitter DX-60 - $30.00 + shipping

DIAMOND SX-400 SWR & Power meter for 140 to 525 Mhz bands.
Requires 13.8 VDC power supply.  $50.00 obo + shipping, or pick up in Regina

Heathkit Balun Coil Set Model B-1
Excellent for loops.  -  $15.00

Brand new Potung GT-1 handheld for 70cm.
Already programmed with 444.25 and BBZ rpt.  5 watts
Pick up in Regina. $20.00 ... you save shipping.

Bruce - VE5RC
Email: rattray@accesscomm.ca

Expires: Sept 27/15


Collins 30L-1 with Harbach Multi-Key that will key any amp and any radio.
Amplifier is in very good condition cosmetically and electrically.

Looking to trade the Collins/Multi-Key for a 897D complete with all that came with the radio.

Glenn - VE6ND

Expires: August 30/15


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