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Updated: Feb 28/15

This space is provided as a courtesy for amateur radio operators to buy, sell, and trade ham radio related items. Ads will be displayed for 2 months, and can be extended by contacting me before the expiry date. The advertiser is responsible for accuracy and/or condition of advertised items. Contact advertiser directly with any questions. I try to update this page within 24 hours of receiving ads. All ads will be edited for clarity and space as necessary. 

Do not submit your ad in caps or bold font, as it will not be posted! 
Name, call sign, and preferred contact information are required!

  Email your ads to >  hamshack@va5cw.net

Wanted items are listed below the for sale list.....  HERE

Yaesu 2600 VHF 60 watt, with hand mike,  $100.00
B & W Model 595 6 position coax switch. $30.00
Bencher BY-1 Paddle  $50.00
FT- 470 Hand Held, with hand mike. $75.00
MFJ Econo Keyer ll  $25.00
Kenwood 440S with hand mike, 
antenna tuner and voice readout. 
Scratches where bracket was.

Stu - Ve4stu
Email: ve4stu@mymts.net

Expires: April 12/15


Para Dynamics PDC-98 low pass tvi filter. 1000 watts pep.
Very nice condition, no scratches or scrapes $40 shipped in VE4

Extremely nice cond Used but UNTESTED Kenwood PC-1A phone patch controller
complete with manual & ORIGINAL warranty card serious cash offer plus ship

BENCHER BY-2 Chrome base & MFJ-422C-X ELECTRONIC KEYER & manual
I see  the BENCHER BY-2 is still available for $170 CDN and a newer version of the

Realistic Radio Shack Navaho TRC-490 base 40 ch ssb radio with stock hand mic
Very nice cond. Display is bright. Serious offer PLUS shipping

NEW OLD STOCK Johnson Messenger 4740, 40 ch am/ssb mobile radio.
Original box, manual, & stock mic, plus ALL that came from factory
SERIOUS offer plus shipping

NPC regulated 13.6 volt 12 amp power supply $60 shipped in VE4

Yaesu MH-12A2B hand held speaker mic $40 shipped in Canada

Very nice tested & working Turner plus three amplified desk mic
5 pin Radio Shack mic plug $75 shipped in Canada

Very nice tested & working Turner Super Side Kick amplified desk mic
4 pin radio mic plug $75 shipped in Canada

Alpha Delta Communications E181202 transi trap surge protector
With field replaceable arc-plug surge protector
RT covers up to 500 mhz & 200 watts MAX. Complete with manual
For big static & near miss lighting strikes for sensitive electronic equip $50 shipped Canada

I have pics for all ...... just ask!

Roger - VE6WCB
Email: ve6wcb@telus.net

Expires: April 11/15


ICOM IC-761 HF Transceiver

100 watt transceiver with built-in power supply, auto antenna tuner and iambic keyer.; In 1987, this was ICOM’s top-of-the-line rig and cost new $3125 (in today’s dollars this would be $6116)
 It was serviced by ICOM in April of 1995 and again in October of 2009 (when it had a replacement backup battery and was tested and found to be OK on all bands)
 The direct entry keyboard does NOT work – bands are selected by turning a knob.
 Microphone and keyer are NOT included.  Included is the original manual, original boxes and a cable to connect it to your computer.

 Price: $750  FOB Tisdale, SK.

BJ Madsen - VE5FX
 Email: ve5fx@rac.ca

Expires: March 16/15


- PCS4000 Azden 2 meter mobile, c/w hand mike, original box, manual, mobile mounting bracket.
Works good, has few scratches.  $60.00   Plus shipping

Stu - VE4STU
Email: ve4stu@mts.net

Expires: April 20/15

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"Sask Swap and Shop Wanted List!"


Still looking for Kenwood TS-520 door & plastic locks on left side of radio.
It covers the RF volt bias adj, vox delay, anti vox, vox gain controls

Roger - VE6WCB
Email: ve6wcb@telus.net

Expires: April 11/15


Heathkit VFO

Bruce - VE5RC
Email: rattray@accesscomm.ca

Expires: April 19/15

Something you need for the ham hobby?  email me  > hamshack@va5cw.net

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