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This space is provided as a courtesy for amateur radio operators to buy, sell, and trade ham radio related items. Please include your name, call sign, and preferred contact information when placing an ad.  Ads will be displayed for 2 months, and can be extended by contacting me before the expiry date. The advertiser is responsible for accuracy and/or condition of advertised items. Contact advertiser directly with any questions. I try to update this page within 24 hours of receiving ads. All ads will be edited for clarity and space as necessary.  Do not submit your ad in caps or bold font, as it will not be posted!

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- Kenwood TS-50, with Hand Mike, Mobile Bracket and Manual.Very good condition.  $400.00
- Garmin 76CS, New Condition, with manuals, cables, CD and original box.  $200.00

Plus shipping .

Stu - VE4STU
Email: Ve4stu@mts.net

Expires: Feb 7/15


MINT JETSTREAM JT-220M in factory box with all accs that came with it when I purchased from Durham Radio last Nov 2013 & was
installed in my S10 Blazer and maybe used 3 times I can't do 220 from Cremona only when in Calgary have sold the truck & don't need  anymore this is a 50 watt mobile & I paid $230 plus shipping
$180 SHIPPED in Canada

This is a BRAND NEW OPEK 10 band vertical mobile ant with a BRAND NEW triple mag mount base & coax ant covers 6-80 meters & 2 mtrs  & 440 MHZ same design as OUTBACK but much smaller never used I bought 2 & was never used has been in garage since purchased already have one on my van
ant alone is OVER $100 plus ship costs
serious cash offer plus shipping

Used & tested working MFJ207
swr analyzer HF 1.75 mhz to 30 mhz in five bands
BAND A is 1.75-3.00 MHZ
BAND B is 3.00-5.00 MHZ
BAND C is 6.50-11.70 MHZ
BAND D is 11.65-20.00 MHZ
BAND E is 18.00-30.00 MHZ
has a jack for external freq counter
runs off a 9 volt bat
STILL $110 US plus shipping
save close to $60 buy it now
$80 cash shipped in Canada

Roger - VE6WCB

Expires: Jan 27/14


As new MFJ MFJ-929 200 watt automatic antenna tuner.
Less than 6 months old.  Will be in the original box with instruction manual.

$175.00 plus 1/2 shipping

Graham - VE7ABC
Email: ve7abc@rac.ca

Expires: Jan 22/15



Like new - $700 CAD

Lightly used in none smoking shack. In new condition with original box,
manual, mic and all that came when new.

The FT-450D is a current model. It has IF DSP - Noise Reduction & Noise
Blanking plus 300Hz, 500Hz & 2.4 kHz IF Filter. (No extra filters to buy)
 ... and so much more..
Full info here on the Yaesu FT-450D Info Page: http://goo.gl/Xz2R6

- Heil HM iC microphone - $90 cdn
  w/ CH-1 iM  cable (8 modular connector)
Review: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1361

Ken ... VE5KC

Expires: Feb 1/15


X7 Cushcraft Triband Yagi antenna, 10-15-20 meters, c/w optional 40 meter kit, (original Cushcraft, not MFJ)
Disassembled, packed up, and ready to go.
$750.00 - and can meet in Brandon, MB if necessary.

George VE4XR
Email: georgeb401@gmail.com

Expires: Jan 10/15


My buddy saved a Heathkit DX-100B from going to the dump.
I got it gratis from him, as it then showed up in the trunk of my auto.

The condition of the rig is fair minus, although cosmetically it's OK.
Front panel is in pretty good shape, but has an added meter same size as,
and right next to original meter, neatly done.  (I think the owner
wanted to monitor two circuit parameters at the same time.)  There are
no bumps or dings on it, paint is mostly OK.

All controls move easily and seem mechanically OK.  Clear plastic right
ahead of VFO dial missing; VFO control moves smoothly.  A small push
button switch was neatly added to opposite side of front panel--I am
guessing it's a frequency spotting switch.  Chassis is quite dusty,
small amount of rust. Under the chassis, wiring job looks good, done I'd
say by an experienced ham.  Area is clean.  According to a pencilled
note, unit assembled Christmas 1958.

IMO this set is certainly fully restorable, as it is complete, with cabinet. I can email pix of it if wanted.

There's no way I will fire this unit up using just a variac.  It deserves the
full suspended-animation emergency room revival, e.g. tubes removed, HV
caps checked for leakage, lots of cold circuit resistance checks, AC
power applied with no load on power supply, etc..

The price is right--FREE!

Good overview at:  http://www.heathkit-museum.com/ham/hvmdx-100.shtml

Consider this one of my contributions to preserving our Boat Anchor heritage.
If I had the room in my 9 x 12' ham shack, I'd keep it.  Already have a Johnson Ranger if I want to do BA AM.
No way I'm going try and ship this baby (100 lb.), pick up only, just south of Calgary, Alberta.

John - VE6EQR
Email: j_sehring@yahoo.com

Expires: Jan 7/15



Extremely nice cond Used but UNTESTED Kenwood PC-1A phone patch controller
complete with manual & ORIGINAL warranty card serious cash offer plus ship

Antique tested working Cobra 139XLR base 40 ch am/ssb radio UNMOLESTED in
factory box & foam inserts comes with original stock mic SERIOUS offer plus shipping

Used & tested working except rec amp ...maybe an easy fix Kriss Big Boomer linear
amplifier uses 3 6LQ6 tubes & 1 6JG6 tube & with 5 watts drive shows close to 200
watts output has WORKING built in swr & power meter stamped 6 & 10 meters use
on rear of amp great for QRP low power upgrade serious cash offer plus shipping

Yaesu MH-12A2B hand held speaker mic $40 shipped in Canada

Very nice tested & working Turner plus three amplified desk mic 5 pin Radio Shack
mic plug $75 shipped Canada

Very nice tested & working Turner Super Side Kick amplified desk mic 4 pin radio
mic plug $75 shipped Canada

Alpha Delta Communications E181202 transi trap surge protector with field replaceable
arc-plug surge protector RT covers up to 500 mhz & 200 watts MAX complete with manual
for big static & near miss lighting strikes for sensitive electronic equip $50 shipped Canada

Roger - VE6WCB

Expires: Jan 12/14

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Sask Swap and Shop Wanted List


- Looking for a Heath, or similar quality linear amp, even nicely homebrew with precision.
Must be working fine with or without a spare set of finals.
Up to 400 dollars with perhaps, maybe, a bit of dickering, and I pay shipping to Winnipeg.

- Old VFO for old rock bound tube rigs. Any brand or model, must be reasonable.

- One old rock bound transmitter, any power make or model.  Reasonable price..

- One old old tube CB for major modification, CB 3A would be ok, other makes but no Johnson or Raytels.

I understand I must pay shipping.

Email: mdevry2@mymts.net
Winnipeg, Mb

Expires: Jan 19/15


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