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Last updated: October 3, 2015

This page is available for amateur radio operators to place ads in order to buy, sell, or trade 
various ham radio related equipment on a non-commercial basis.
1. Do not submit your ad in caps, or bold font. 
2. Name, call sign, and contact information are required.
3. Ads are posted for 2 months, and can be extended by notifying me before the expiry date.
4. Direct any queries about items to the advertiser.
5. Advertiser is responsible for accuracy of item description.
6. Ads are posted at the webmaster's discretion, and will be edited for clarity if necessary.
Email your ads to >  hamshack@va5cw.net



Parkland Amateur Radio Club has the following items forsale:
Time to Clean out the shack
1 TV Tower $40.00
1 - 40' Delhi Tower - $300.00 OBO
1 - 56' Delhi Tower - $400.00 OBO
1 68 Delhi Tower $500.00 (Firm)
1 80 Foot Guided Commercial Tower With All hardware and Guide wires: $1000.00 (Firm)
5000' 2 reels (NEW) 75 Ohm 7/8" hard line $1.00 / foot
50 meter rolls Andrews Flex Heliax (Like New Condition / N Connector Male Ends) : $300.00 / Roll
1 4 Bay 1/2~ Dipole antenna (Broadband 136 Mhz 174 Mhz): $350.00 OBO
1 19 Steel Rack: $50.00 (Firm)
1 18 Metal Rack: $20.00 (Firm)
1 Q202 Sinclair Duplexer: $150.00
2 Sinclair Reslok Duplexers (parts - couple of loops need to be replaced)): $200.00 Each OBO
1 Packet Station: $30.00
1 Triband HF Beam (10-15-20 Meter Band): $50.00
4 110/240 - 48 Volt Commercial Grade Rectifier Power Supplies (Not Tested) $50.00 Each
Various transformers: Open for Offers (1 Extreme heavy duty with several taps....great for a linear Amplifier Project)
1 phone patch Connect Systems Inc 8200R Works Great: $50.00

Contact: Randy Molyneaux (VE5RJM)
Ph. (306) 562-8450
Email: ve5rjm@hotmail.com

Expires: Nov 30/15


I have a TET HB34D 4 el Tri-Band Yagi.
Assembly instruction manual included.

The antenna consists of two parasitic directors (D1 and D2)
and two phase driven elements (Radiator RA and Reflector REF)
The driven elements are capacity fed, providing proper impedance
match, and extremely broad bandwidth.

Elements and traps appear to be in good condition.
I purchased this antenna with the intention of using it,
however the folks that dismanteled it broke 3 of the 4 insulating spacers.
I an sure they were not aware these could have been removed from the tubing without damage.
The spacer dimensions are: two 7mm x 40mm and two 7mm x 50 mm. fiberglass/plastic dowels
These can be made from fiberglass rod or other sturdy non-conductive material.
The good one is a good template for the others as far as diameter and material.
Just need to make the others as pers length, and drill a few holes in them.
I have no lathe, or would do it myself.
I suppose one could use it to mfg whatever one desires without spacers.

Otherwise, traps and all look ok. It is apart, bundled, and stored indoors.
These are known to be excellent HF antennaes.

Open to reasonable offer due to spacer issue.

Bill - VA5CW
Call, or text my cell at 306-531-8607
Email: va5cw@rac.ca


If anyone requires parts for an SB-102, drop me a line with what you need.
Cost of part(s) + shipping.
Will part out another SB-102 and a HW-101 in the near future.

Also have:
Electrovoice EV-630 Hi-Z microphone with 2 pin off center connector. Very good condition, base would need sprucing up.
$75.00 + shipping.

Janusz Juryk  ve2zhp
Email:  ve2zhp@yahoo.ca

Expires: Nov 22/15


An FS-600A peak reading watt meter.
Ranges are 20, 200, 500 & 1000 watts.
1.8 to 30 MHz,   fused on back,   color is black.
From a flea market.
$15 to  pick up in Regina.
If shipped $15.00 + shipping Canada post.

Heathkit Grid Dip Meter Model GD-1B 5 coils
4 in  original box looks clean & unscratched
$20.00 + shipping.

Bruce - VE5RC
Email: rattray@accesscomm.ca

Expires: Nov 17/15


- Hy-Gain TH3-MKII Tribander, 14' boom, new stainless hardware and new plastics kit from Hy-Gain.
Cleaned up and ready to go, works perfectly.
No balun but an RF choke works very well.

Would like to trade for crossed Yagi's for 2 meters/70 cm or other OSCAR stuff.

- Drake TR-4C in excellent condition with 34PNB noise blanker, MS-4 with power supply and EV microphone.
Can deliver up to 300km or meet part way.

Would like to trade this for OSCAR satellite gear.

Let me know what you have.

Glenn, VE6ND

Expires: October 29/15


Ameritron AL-811HD HF amplifier
This amp has four 572B tubes.
This is the heavy-duty model that is spec'd for RTTY operation.
This amp has low hours.
Asking $700.00 OBO + shipping

email: ve5uo@rac.ca

Expires: October 28/15


Ham Equipment


- Yaesu FT-208R 2m VHF handheld TX with manual
- Yaesu FT-407 VHF/UHF 2m handheld with manual
- Yaesu FT-227R 2m mobile with manual (needs repair)


- Yaesu FL-7000 with manual


- Yaesu SP-767 phone patch/speaker
- Yaesu YM-50 Condensor Mic with keypad
- Yaesu MH-18A2B speaker mic
- SHURE 526T
- Yaesu FF-501 DX filter (52 ohm)
- Earbud 2m PTT mic

Kamtronics All Mode digital modem (PSK-31, rtty. pactor, etc) - with manual

Power Supplies

- Pyramid Phase lll - 120/13.8V 12 Amps regulated
- Jana 120/12V 3A
- Quiet Talk - CDE Regulated P/S 120/13.8 VDC-3 Amp with manual

SWR/Power Meters

- WM swr/pwr  Autek research computing meter 20-200w with manual
- Oskerblock SWR-200 swr/power meter

48 foot Delhi Tower
CDE Tailtwister rotor and controller with manual
Tower is still up with all the antennas on it

Heathkit model HD-1250 solid state dip meter


KLM DX 10/15/20m with manual (can be altered for shorter version)
HyGain Discoverer 7-1 40m single element horizontal mono with manual

For pricing information, and/or queries, contact:
Cyril - VE5CB

Expires: October 8/15


Daiwa CN-720B 2 Kw cross needle meter
$65 + shipping

Swan WM-200 RF Linear meter/swr
0-30 MHz
$30 + shipping

Tuner - 300 watt
Roller Inductor. Bypass switch
Homebrew in aluminum case
$30 + shipping

Kenwood TS-480HX 200 watt HF/6m
Noise reduction; TX/RX equalizor; AF filters
Speaker; Backlit keys; Scan
Base/Mobile; Remote head
Excellent condition. Packed in original box, ready to ship!
Asking $950 + shipping,

Yaesu FT-897D
Original box, manual, power cord, and hand mic.
Packed and ready for shipping
$700 + Shipping

Radio Shack 21-533 Ham/CB Field strength/SWR tester
In original box, with manual  $17.00

Kenwood TR-7730
2 meter mobile transceiver
Mobile mounting bracket and manual
$50 + mailing

BK Precision adjustable power supply
0-16 volts, coarse and fine adjustment
High range: 0 to 10 amps
Low range: 0 to 2 amps
Original manual.
$80 + mailing

Kenwood model LF-30A low pass filter
Max 1KW PEP  $20 + mailing

Nye VIKING low pass filter
50 Ohm bi-directional, constant K filter.
Up to 65 db's of attenuation of all harmonics at, and above 57 MHz
$10 + mailing

Fanfare 300 SSB with instruction manual
Solid state 23 ch CB/10 meter transceiver
Crystal controlled AM-Single Side band
This has been converted for 10 meters HF
Still has a few CB channels in it. Converted freq are marked in the manual.
Mfg in Japan for Fanon Electronics of Canada
$50 + shipping

Also have 2 stereo speakers for sale.
Brand unknown.
14 1/2in H x 8in D x 8in W
Wood sides. Cloth covered front, top, and bottom.
$30 for the pair + shipping

Earl - VE5WF
Email: ve5wf@sasktel.net

Expires: October 27/15


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