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This space is provided as a courtesy for amateur radio operators to buy, sell, and trade ham radio related items. Please include your name, call sign, and preferred contact information when placing an ad.  Ads will be displayed for 2 months, and can be extended by contacting me before the expiry date. The advertiser is responsible for accuracy or condition of advertised items, and ads may be edited for clarity. Contact advertiser directly with any questions. 
     Email your ad to >  hamshack@va5cw.net       Do not submit your ad in caps or bold font!

Wanted items are listed below the for sale list. For direct access, click HERE


Vibroplex BR-2000S  Blue Racer jeweled movement Bug. Less than a year old.
This is an item I thought I would like to use, but I am not a Bug type person.
I shall stick with my straight key and single lever paddle.  $150 + shipping

I would also like to sell my VizKey Vertical Bug. As new, used very little.
It's a beautiful, work of art. I just don't use it. I prefer my straight key.
The fellow that made these is retired, so they are no longer available... http://www.vizkey.com/
Vizkey vertical Bug. $200 + shipping.

Bill - VA5CW
Email:  va5cw@rac.ca


All Mode Tranciever and Power Supply Package.

TRANCIEVER:  (Base/Mobile with removable face plate).
Icom IC7000 Transceiver, (All Mode/All Band) SSB, CW, FM, AM. 2m, 70cm, 6M, HF.
Comes with mounting bracket, separation kit, and manual in the box)

PS36KX Pyramid 35 Amp. Regulated Power Supply:
Meters for both Amp and Voltage. Voltage Adjustable fuse protection.

0r $1,050 for both.

Both in excellent condition and working great!

Murray - VE5MC
Email: ve5mc@outlook.com

Expires: June 9/14


7 Band tuner from an article in CQ magazine 1993, page 112.
It has few scratches, and looks neat.
Itís good for 200 watts, and was built by VE5KRB.
Itís originally a 5 band tuner, but was modified for 7 bands. $20.00

TH-26AT 2 mtr handi-talki , used, works fine at 2.5 watts.
Not bad in appearance. $20.00

Bruce - VE5RC
Email: rattray@accesscomm.ca

Expires: May 31/14


4-element Tri- Bander (20-15-10M)
Model HF T.E.T. HB34D... with manual.  $250

Bill - VA5CW
Email:  va5cw@rac.ca


YAESU MD-1 desk mike.  Like new with manual.  From non-smoking ham shack.
$100.00 shipped

Email: ve7abc@rac.ca
Phone: 604-530-1907

Expires: May 24/14


Hustler fender mount antenna mast with spring,
10m, 20m, 80m coils
Asking $100.00

Bob - VE6ASR
Email: chooka08@gmail.com

Expires: May 21/14


Mobile or base elite-line TX-2250 amp bi-linear $200
Geotek desk mic. Similar to old astatic 1104c. New in box $75
Mint original Sennheiser MD-403 vintage cardioid dynamic microphone - Offers
Near mint Browning Golden Eagle Mark lll 23 ch AM/SSB base station CB - Offers
Antique Turner 350D hi imped hand mic. Tested and working $35
CDE ham radio antenna rotator with brake & control $300
Turner Plus 3 amplified desk mic. -  Offers
Micronta radio shack 3 range power / swr / modulation tester. - Offers
Bencher by-2 chrome base & MFJ-422c-x electronic keyer. - Offers
Rare nye viking model 330-001 cw key a1 cond.- Offers
MFJ-931 artificial ground nice A-1 cond $80

MFJ-931 artificial ground & manual for Ham or CB radio
New cost was close to $150 CDN shipped
$80 or closest offer plus shipping

Vintage Yaesu Munsen FLDX-2000 HF 500w linear amplifier
Has four 6KD6 tubes. Tubes are available on internet as well.
Wired for 110 AC but can change for 220 AC
Covers 10, 15, 20, 40, AND 80 meters
Used, tested, and working. Specs available on internet.
Taking serious offers, plus shipping

Dartz RF-100 100 watt mobile amp BI-LINEAR 1.6-50 mhz
Has remote power controls $125 shipped, or best offer

Vintage, rare, tested, working Realistic PRO-2001
User programmable, base or mobile UHF VHF scanner
Covers Ham and CB bands. Taking offers, plus shipping

Rare, working, first production run Browning Golden Eagle MK3,  23 CH AM SSB CB radio
One of the very first with Red Line knobs, real brass bird, and "ON AIR" window frame.
Receives Ham band 27.415-27.600
Includes copy of manual, and working GE Shure #EM28A desk mike.
Serious cash or trade offers plus shipping.

NOS Johnson messenger 4740, 40 CH AM SSB mobile
In original box with original manual, mic, and mobile bracket.
Make a serious offer, plus shipping..

Realistic Radio Shack Navaho TRC-458 40 CH AM SSB Base CB radio
Stock hand mic. Bright LED readout. None burnt out.
Serious offer, plus shipping

Realistic Radio Shack NavahoTRC-457 40 CH AM SSB Base CB radio with clock
Stock hand mic. Bright LED readout. None burnt out. Nice condition.
Serious offer, plus shipping

Nice working condition amplified Turner Super Sidekick desk mike.
Serious offer, plus shipping

Kenwood low pass filter LF-30A 1000 W PEP
Very nice. No scratches or scrapes
Offers, plus shipping

EF Johnson  low pass filter, or TVI filter 250-20
Made in Waseca, MN USA
Used, working, and tuneable. Decent shape.
Offers, plus shipping. Pics avail for all items listed.

Alpha Delta E181202 Transi-Trap surge protector
With field replaceable Arc-Plug surge protector RT up to 500 MHZ 200 W max.
With manual for big static and near miss lightning strikes for sensitive elec. equipment
$35 plus shipping

Bencher BY-2 with chrome base & MFJ-422C-X electronic keyer & manual
The BY-2 is still available for $170 CDN + shipping
A newer version of the MFJ-422C-X,  the MFJ-422DX available for $99 USD + shipping
I will ship both for $200, or make a serious offer

Kenwood CD-10 call sign display & AC adaptor
Sorry, I don't have the radio to test.
All functions & the display work
Another estate item I purchased
$60 plus shipping

Pics, plus shipping costs, avail for all listed items.

Roger - VE6WCB
Email: ve6wcb@telus.net

Expires: May 13/14


Kenwood MC-60 Microphone in like new condition $125.00
Plus mail costs, or pick up in Preeceville

Grant -VE5SS
Email: gsee@sasktel.net

Expires: will notify

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Sask Swap and Shop Wanted List


Older solid state radios such as Atlas 210x and Argosys
QRP rigs, FT-7, FT-301, and other similar older rigs.
Wanted to either fix them up or for parts .
Will pay a reasonable price, or donations gratefully accepted.

Earl - VE3AB.

Expires: May 28/14


I am looking for a used crank up tower or mast. 35 to 45 ft.
Also looking for Kenwood SP 940.

 Daniel - VE6ZM
Email: dwdoherty@shaw.ca

Expires: April 27/14



Yaesu SP-5 or SP-6 Speaker

G. See - VE5SS
Email: gsee@sasktel.net

Expires: will notify


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