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This space is provided as a courtesy for amateur radio operators to buy, sell, and trade ham radio related items. Please include your name, call sign, and preferred contact information when placing an ad.  Ads will be displayed for 2 months, and can be extended by contacting me before the expiry date. The advertiser is responsible for accuracy or condition of advertised items, and ads may be edited for clarity. Contact advertiser directly with any questions. 
Email your ad to >  hamshack@va5cw.net Do not submit your ad in caps or bold font!

Wanted items are listed below the for sale list. For direct access, click HERE


Kenwood TS-50 , very nice condition, complete with, hand mike, Pwr cable, mounting bracket, and manual.
No original box.  $400.00 OBO, plus shipping

Stu - VE4STU
Email: Ve4stu@mts.net

Expires: November 18/14


1 EICO audio generator - $20.00

2 HEATHKIT RF Oscillator Model IG-5280 - $20.00

3 HEATHKIT Capacitor Checker Model IT-28 - $20.00

4 - HEATHKIT RF Signal Generator Model IG-102 - $20.00

.......................take all 4 for $60.00

5 Connor VTVM tubes Model  211 - $5.00

6 ICOM handheld IC-4AT 440mhz - $10.00

7 YAESU handheld FT-208R 144mhz - $10.00

Bruce - VE5RC
Email: rattray@accesscomm.ca
Phone: 306-584-2059

Expires: November 14/14


Kenwood PS-30 power supply has minor scratches on top comes with
6 pin Kenwood power cable & can be rewired for Icom or others & also
has 12 volt acc outlet on rear works A1 $150shipped in Canada offers

NPC regulated 13.6 volt 12 amp power supply $60 shipped in Canada

Yaesu MH-12A2B hand held speaker mic $40 shipped in Canada

EF Johnson 250-20 low pass - tvi filter made in Waseca Minn USA
tunable & very nice decent cond $30 shipped in Canada

Kenwood LF-30A low pass - tvi filter 1000 watts PEP
very nice decent cond no scratches $30 shipped in Canada

President Lincoln 10-12 meters mobile all mode am fm ssb & cw stock up/dwn
hand mic mobile bracket manual & COMPLETE in factory box from factory offers

Very nice tested & working Turner plus three amplified desk mic 5 pin Radio Shack
mic plug $75 shipped Canada

Very nice tested & working Turner Super Side Kick amplified desk mic 4 pin radio
mic plug $75 shipped Canada

Alpha Delta Communications E181202 transi trap surge protector with field replaceable
arc-plug surge protector RT covers up to 500 mhz & 200 watts MAX complete with manual
for big static & near miss lighting strikes for sensitive electronic equip $50 shipped Canada

Gently used (maybe) MFJ-931 artificial ground & manual still over $150 CDN plus shipping
$80 or serious offer

Palomar M-827 digital swr / power meter ac version & reads PEP power instantly & swr as
you talk. Covers 1-30 mhz & 3 power ranges 20 200 2000 watts - $50shipped in Canada

Roger - VE6WCB

Expires: November 12/14

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Sask Swap and Shop Wanted List


I am looking for a  8 pin to 8 pin sub miniature wiring harness for a VS-1 Kenwood  voice card
to install in a TS-711 Kenwood.
It has the same 8 pin connector on both ends. I think the part number is E40-0873-05.
If you have a Kenwood radio that's about 30 years old and is just for parts, we could make you
a deal if it has the same 8 pin sub miniature connector in it.

Lyle - VE5EE
Email: ve5ee@myaccess.ca

Expires: November 21/14


Parkland Amateur Radio Club Inc.

160 Self Supporting Tower
UHF & VHF Repeaters
UHF & VHF Duplexer 6 Cavity
400 7/8 Hard Line

Randy Molyneaux
Ph. (306) 562-8450
Email: ve5rjm@hotmail.com


Old VFO for xtal controlled transmitters
Old xtal transmitter Viking, Heath, Eico , etc.

DX100, Heathkit Apache TX1, Viking Ranger or equivelent.

One tube style CB set.

Must be reasonable and will pay shipping

Ron  - VE4AKW
Email: mdevry2@mymts.net

Expires: October 13/14

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