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Last updated: June 22, 2015

This page is available for amateur radio operators to place ads in order to buy, sell, or trade 
various ham radio related equipment on a non-commercial basis.
1. Do not submit your ad in caps, or bold font. 
2. Name, call sign, and contact information are required.
3. Ads are posted for 2 months, and can be extended by notifying me before the expiry date.
4. Direct any queries about items to the advertiser.
5. Advertiser is responsible for accuracy of item description.
6. Ads are posted at the webmaster's discretion, and will be edited for clarity if necessary.
Email your ads to >  hamshack@va5cw.net



Radio Shack VHF FM transceiver 2 watts.
HTX-200 Serial 99030601
Works 100% - get manual off Internet
Original price $150.00 USD asking  $30.00 Cdn plus shipping.

Bruce - VE5RC
Email: rattray@accesscomm.ca

Expires: August 21/15


Icom IC-761, very good condition 125 watts output.
Comes with hand microphone, Collins SM-2 microphone and a Yaesu SP-980 speaker.
The Collins mic works like a charm on the Icom.

Glenn - VE6ND
Email: hfcomnet@gmail.com

Expires: July 20/15


Attention Amateur Radio Operators!!

I have access to three Delhi DMX-68 towers, plus a few Trylon Titan T200 (90 foot) towers, plus a couple of other commercial CSA certified Trylon towers, and can get you special prices as licensed amateur radio operators.

All were removed from service, professionally disassembled, and come with all assembly hardware, except the parts that go in the cement base (which I can get you at cost, providing it's prepaid). Climb shields are available for most of the towers, which will be included at no extra charge.

All are in Saskatoon, unfortunately delivery will be the buyers responsibility. Towers are used, and sold as-is, with no warranty or guarantee.  It is strongly recommended that a new hardware bolting kit be used for the assembly of these towers.

Full details on the Delhi DMX towers is available at http://www.wadeantenna.com/category.php?c=2&sc=0
Full details on the Trylon towers is available at http://www.trylon.com.

For more information call or text:
Bob - VE5XEF
306-220-6077 in Saskatoon
Email:  bob@nwstar.com

Expires: June 30/15


Box of 200 Tubes
Approx. 50 NOS
Open to offers. Shipping extra.

Cliff -  VE5QY
Email ve5qy@sasktel.net

Expires: June 30/15

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